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Blaze of glory (almost)

The short version of this story is that I was driving on the freeway on Thursday and my car’s battery caught on fire. It stayed contained and there was minimal damage to my car. Nobody was hurt. And now for the longer version: So I was driving down the freeway in the Miata when it […]

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Waiting for night to come

Astronaut Sandra Magnus who, at least for the next couple of days is serving on the International Space Station, wrote a captivating entry describing what flying over the dark side of the Earth looks like on her space blog which I only recently found out about. I’m dying to visit space! Blog From Space: Waiting […]

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When the news only reports on the news

You may have noticed by now that I get a lot of my news from the Internet, and one disturbing trend that I’ve noticed lately is that it seems like a very large proportion of news stories that are published are actually just reports that another news agency reported on something, and it seems like […]

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Mobile update test post

This is a test of my mobile updating system. This is only a test. -Bryan

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Pulling focus on the RED camera!

A while ago I was asked by a friend to work as a camera assistant on a short he had written and was producing. I don’t usually do AC work, and actually, I hadn’t done any real focus pulling since film school, but I’m always up for a film making challenge and they really needed […]

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