About blog.twentysix.net

I accidentally deleted this page. Now I have to rewrite it. Here’s some basic info:

Adam's Kitchen shootMy name is Bryan Hong. I am an American of Korean descent living near Los Angeles and working as a grip and cinematographer in the motion picture industry. I am a Christian. I also believe in science and no, I don’t think they are diametrically opposed or mutually exclusive.

English is my first and best language, followed by Spanish, Russian, and Korean (recently overtaken by Russian in this list). I would say I have an explorer’s heart. I love to travel, but more than that I love to experience new things.

This blog is the next phase for my website which I have maintained in some form or another since 1995. Having grown tired of sharing the minutae of my life on my old web journal (which went back to 1996!) I guess I’ve progressed to actually caring about what I was going to say, haha. So hopefully this blog will prove informative and entertaining for its readers which at this point seem to be more or less nonexistant, so please feel free to use the commenting system to let me know it’s not just spam-bots out there 🙂