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Pic of the day #33 – May 6, 2010

Something's missing

Today’s pic of the day is actually from April 12, taken on the way back from Vegas after my trip to the NAB trade show (which I probably should have made a blog post about a long time ago…). The riverboat-themed Nevada Landing casino has been gone for some time but its roadside marquee sign is still standing in Jean, Nevada.


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Pic of the day #32 – May 4, 2010

Linbrook Bowl, Anaheim, CA

The next in what is turning into a series on old neon signs. I get the feeling that bowling pin used to be able to rotate.


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Pic of the day #30 – Apr 15, 2010

Don's Turf Motel

I guess this the next pic in my cool old neon sign series. Don’s Turf Motel located right next to the Los Alamitos race track.


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Pic of the day #24 – Mar 27, 2010

A few minutes too late...

This sign belongs to the oldest still-operating McDonald’s restaurant, located in Downey, CA. I think I’ve kind of become numbed to just how impressive this thing is after living next to it for so many years. It’s too bad it’s been a while since everything on the sign worked properly.

I showed up to do this “magic hour” shot about 10 minutes too late. I wanted to get better balance between the neon lights and the sky light so that the neon wouldn’t be so blown out overexposed. And it would have been nice to have retained some detail in the moon up there instead of having it turn into a burned out white spot. Just a couple of minutes makes all the difference! Oh well. It wasn’t exactly the most amazing sunset today anyway. I’ll try again a different day.


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Pic of the day #22 – Mar 23, 2010

"we have sold 500 million"

Part of the cool animated sign at the old McDonald’s stand in Downey, CA, a location so old that it actually predates Ray Kroc’s involvement with the company. Not a very good pic today, I shot it lazily from inside my car and it’s not even in focus. Oh well, one pic a day, good or bad, right?

I should get better pics of this later since I live right next to it. Although I did also shoot the picture that’s on wikipedia — but I’ve been wanting to improve on it with a nice “magic hour” shot. And it’s not like I haven’t had plenty of opportunities.

I also have this clip of this sign in motion which was originally shot on Super 16mm a few years back when it was in good working order:

Whenever I see the “500” it always makes me feel like I’m inside of an episode of the Price is Right or something.


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