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Pic of the day #12 – Feb 26, 2010

Shooting in the O.C.

Trying to shoot a narrative film on a Canon 7D requires overcoming a lot of compromises but once you get it all working right the results can be pretty impressive.

Honorable mentions for pic of the day (gotta make up for missing the last few days):

Palm trees and snow! I love California

The challenge of the zolly with an auto zoom lens

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Pic of the Day #11 – Feb 22, 2010

Umami Burger + Film Screening

So tonight I went to an outdoor screening of two short films, one of which happened to be the first public screening of “Middle of Nowhere” which I shot with director and old classmate Michael Carreño almost a year ago. And it happened to take place at Space 15 Twenty adjacent to Umami Burger right across from the good old L.A. Film School.

This was the tastiest burger I’ve ever eaten in my life, and that is saying a lot considering how many hamburgers I’ve eaten in my life (what can I say, burgers are my favorite food!) — I highly recommend it to all burger connoisseurs.

It was great to reconnect with all the actors and crew and also the space — I hadn’t actually been to Space 15 Twenty since it was just a bunch of old run down warehouses where we shot a lot of After Midnight. Back then it was dirty and full of homeless poo… now it’s full of hipsters, haha.


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Dwight’s In-N-Out Tour

Back in my San Diego days way before anyone ever conceived of a “vlog”, I used to shoot little impromptu videos with my friends every once in a while but I guess since I started taking film production seriously, I kinda stopped with the little videos. Well, here’s my first new one in a long time!

My friend (and talented key grip) Dwight Stone really loves In-N-Out and has taken on a little project to show his appreciation for the company. I joined him earlier tonight on one leg of his mission. Check it out:

I actually understand his love and ability to eat burgers day in and day out, and I joined him even though I ate at In-N-Out the night before, too. That’s because the cheeseburger is pretty much my favorite food in the world. But that’s a different post.


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Freedom and Fashion

Freedom and Fashion was a fashion show held last Thursday on the UCLA campus. Basically it was showcasing mostly non-profit companies with an eye toward free-trade, anti-slavery  practices. It was put together by my old friend Bonnie who asked me months back to help her out with some video production for the show.

Before each company’s line hit the runway there was a short video clip introducing the company and its mission. I basically went around to all these companies and interviewed their founders and cut them together. Here are a couple of the clips I did:

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Good news, bad news (or “Going back to the beginning”)

Good news: I got to work on the Warner Brothers studio backlot!

Bad news: I was working as an extra.

Good news: Extras get paid

Bad news: I really need the money this time, haha.

Back when I was still living in San Diego I answered a craigslist ad and ended up working as an extra on an episode of Veronica Mars which was shot there. At the time I was considering moving up to L.A. and going to film school, but I really had no idea if I really wanted to give up my life of leisure in San Diego to enter an industry I really didn’t know anything about. Working as an extra on a TV show seemed like a great way to be able to get on a real, professional set, without having to know anybody or know anything.

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