Freedom and Fashion

Freedom and Fashion was a fashion show held last Thursday on the UCLA campus. Basically it was showcasing mostly non-profit companies with an eye toward free-trade, anti-slavery  practices. It was put together by my old friend Bonnie who asked me months back to help her out with some video production for the show.

Before each company’s line hit the runway there was a short video clip introducing the company and its mission. I basically went around to all these companies and interviewed their founders and cut them together. Here are a couple of the clips I did:

With everything being all non-profit and pro-bono, resources were pretty limited so I shot everything on just a little Sony A1U with a basic tungsten fresnel lighting kit (ie. the stuff I could get for free from church, haha). I think I still managed to get pretty decent results though. The motion graphics were done by a dude named John Hwang who I never ended up meeting in person in the end.

The show itself seemed to be a great success, but I really don’t know much about the fashion world or fashion shows. Lots of people showed up, it was quite huge and the companies that were showcased got some pretty decent exposure. Hopefully the next one can be even bigger and better!


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