Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Here’s a little random update on some random stuff.

I worked as an extra on this past week’s episode of Cold Case. I didn’t see myself at all but I did see my car… waaaaaaaaaay in the back, haha.

Cold Case

A little over two weeks ago I bought Forza III for XBOX 360. I played it for about two hours before I had to go somewhere. When I came home I went to turn on my xbox and I got the dreaded red ring of death. It was quite frustrating to have that happen right after getting a new game, haha. Well I finally got it back the other day and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Forza. I don’t think I’ll be needing a Playstation 3 or waiting for Gran Turismo 5 anymore. It’s awesome.

And now on the topic of thanksgiving. I recently came to the conclusion that rule of law is the most taken-for-granted thing in America. Few people who grew up here know what it is like to live without it. Let me tell you that without rule of law, everything pretty much sucks and nothing can get better.

I’ve seen this first hand in Tajikistan, rated one of the most corrupt governments in the world. It’s a place where any sufficiently well-connected person can seize any kind of private property or business they want and where the most top level government officials funnel foreign investments directly into personal offshore accounts. Even people doing charitable work suffer the consequences. If you want to give something away for free, you’re gonna have to pay a bribe to somebody, somewhere.

So this year I’m especially thankful to be living in a place where we have a working legal system where at least theoretically, no one is above the law, not even the president.

Once again, happy Thanksgiving, everybody.


P.S. Dear Sarah Palin, if you didn’t want your pictures to be used “out of context” (ie. not the context you intended), you shouldn’t have gone and pursued fame. Every celebrity knows that the person who takes the picture owns the rights, not the person in the picture. Ain’t you ever heard of the paparazzi? Or could you not see them from Alaska? Haha. And to everybody else — never take a picture or video of anything you don’t want appearing on the Internet. Words to live by.

Palin Newsweek Runners World Cover

P.P.S. Dear Apple, I find it rather weaksauce that Safari’s spellchecking dictionary does not include the word “Tajikistan”, or “weaksauce”, for that matter.

tajikistan or weaksauce

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