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Slight modification to the categories page

No pic of the day for today but I did take some time to make a slight modification to the blog software. Before the category pages would show a minimal view of each entry that didn’t include pictures which made the Pic of the Day category page pretty much useless since it had no thumbnails or anything. So I modified the software a bit to make it so that it shows the same preview as the main blog index page.

One of these days I’ll un-lazify myself enough to redo the top banner images so they are the same width as this template. Those images were originally made to go with a different template. I guess I should get some newer images into the rotation while I’m at it.

I’ve also been thinking about putting all these pics of the day up on smugmug or something so people could get prints if they wanted. Hmm maybe.


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My YouTube News Feed

Check out my YouTube news feed.

Click to see: News I recently watched on YouTube.

It’s a collection of news videos I watch on YouTube.  I generally update this playlist at least once a day.

I try to include interesting videos from international news sources that post regularly. They, and the American sources are all totally biased toward their home countries which can apparently do no wrong, so you can definitely see some different perspectives on certain issues. Russia Today and Al Jazeera English have particularly anti-American points of view, with Russia Today being the most shameless and blatant.

I may also occasionally throw in a video from The Onion so keep your sarcasm detectors on.

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