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Playing near you (maybe)!

The first regular movie in a regular theater I worked on
What We Do Is Secret

What you’re looking at over there is for me a very historic ticket stub! Today was the first time I saw my name in the credits of a movie that I had worked on, playing on a regular day, in a regular theater, to a regular audience. Not a one-time festival date full of people who worked on the film. Not some made-for-publicity theatrical premiere for a direct-to-DVD release, but just a plain old regular movie in its second week of play! And I have to say that it feels pretty good. I finally feel like I have worked on a “real” movie.

I wasn’t even sure that I would be credited at all as I had only worked on it for a few days on what I was told were re-shoots, but when I got to the credits roll at the end, I found myself credited as grip under the “Additional Photography” section.

The movie itself, I am actually proud to say, was pretty mediocre. And actually it was a lot better than I was expecting. At any rate, having been paid to work on even a mediocre movie playing in theaters in multiple cities is an achievement that 10 years ago would have seemed like an impossible fantasy to my college-aged self.

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Links of the Day/Week/Whatever

Here are some more links for y’all:

Glumbert – USA vs Japan in the open a beer bottle with a helicopter contest:
This sport is definitely not environmentally sustainable, but these guys sure do have some mad skills!

What We Do is SecretWhat We Do Is Secret premiere dates:
This is the second of the feature films I’ve worked on to actually get released to the public (not counting festivals) as well as the first to get a (non-festival) theatrical release (the other film was direct to DVD)! I don’t even know if I’m in the credits or not. But check the link to see if it’s playing in a theater near you. Just don’t get mad at me if it sucks, haha.

– Bryan

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