Pic of the day #22 – Mar 23, 2010

"we have sold 500 million"

Part of the cool animated sign at the old McDonald’s stand in Downey, CA, a location so old that it actually predates Ray Kroc’s involvement with the company. Not a very good pic today, I shot it lazily from inside my car and it’s not even in focus. Oh well, one pic a day, good or bad, right?

I should get better pics of this later since I live right next to it. Although I did also shoot the picture that’s on wikipedia — but I’ve been wanting to improve on it with a nice “magic hour” shot. And it’s not like I haven’t had plenty of opportunities.

I also have this clip of this sign in motion which was originally shot on Super 16mm a few years back when it was in good working order:

Whenever I see the “500” it always makes me feel like I’m inside of an episode of the Price is Right or something.


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