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Links/Videos of the Day/Week/Whatever

Here are some interesting and/or entertaining links that I would like to share with you: en.wikipedia –¬†Moe_Berg: Moe Berg was an Ivy League educated Major Leage Baseball player who went on to spy for the CIA in Europe in WWII, then returned to his life in the MLB. (Wikipedia featured article June 27) redOrbit – […]

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At long last!

At long last a film I worked on has been released to the general public! Thus far all of the feature films I have worked on, if they have been completed at all, have only screened in front of festival audiences. But just a few minutes ago I stumbled upon the information that Just Add […]

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Watch “Shelter” on IMDB!

“Shelter”, a short film I shot in film school can now be viewed in its entirety right off its IMDB page! Mike hurry up and write your next film so we can shoot it! -Bryan

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Not so free?

After reading this article I’m starting to realize just what a rare and beautiful thing free speech is. I was also surprised to see speech limited in this way in countries I thought of as free. As hurtful and damaging as hate speech may be, I do feel it should be protected. Those people on […]

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If you love beef…

Let me start out by saying that I love eating beef. But the more I see and hear about the subject, the more I am coming to believe that the large scale production of beef which currently allows us to enjoy such plentiful, high quality and inexpensive beef, is largely environmentally (and as a consequence, […]

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