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Is John McCain qualified to be president?

This is kind of old but Yahoo News interviewed the Republican presidential candidates, asking mundane questions and getting surprisingly revealing answers. One of the questions they asked each candidate was whether they use Mac or PC. @ Yahoo! Video I was actually somewhat disturbed by John McCain’s response: Neither. I am a illiterate that has […]

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Top Gear America!

I heard that they were taping the studio audience portion of the pilot episode of the American version of Top Gear right down the street at Downey Studios, so I signed up to be in the studio audience because I was very interested to see how the show came out! There has been a lot […]

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Links of the Day/Week/Whatever

Here are some more links for y’all: Glumbert – USA vs Japan in the open a beer bottle with a helicopter contest: This sport is definitely not environmentally sustainable, but these guys sure do have some mad skills! What We Do is Secret – What We Do Is Secret premiere dates: This is the second […]

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Links of the Day/Week/Month/Whatever

Some more links for your enjoyment: KEYE-TV (Austin) – Our democracy at work: One vote one person? Maybe not so much in the Texas state legistlature. James Duane talks about why you should never talk to the police under any circumstances, ever: A pretty sobering talk about the 5th amendment. Even if you are completely […]

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Tomato overreaction?

I originally wanted to make this post about a week ago but I’ve been too busy with other stuff to get to it, so I hope it doesn’t feel outdated right now but anyway… At the time that I was originally contemplating this, news sources were reporting that there were about 800 cases of tomato-related […]

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