Is John McCain qualified to be president?

This is kind of old but Yahoo News interviewed the Republican presidential candidates, asking mundane questions and getting surprisingly revealing answers. One of the questions they asked each candidate was whether they use Mac or PC.

I was actually somewhat disturbed by John McCain’s response:

Neither. I am a illiterate that has to rely on my wife for all of the assistance I can get.

In this day and age are you really qualified to be President of the United States of America if you can’t use a computer? Are you really ready to set policy in the information age when technically you’re not even qualified to be a receptionist? Maybe you’ll just rely on your wife to make those decisions for you?

Maybe I’m being a little harsh, you know, for making fun of an old man for not knowing how to use a computer, but on the other hand, my grandmother doesn’t even understand English and yet somehow manages to check her stocks online. We really are talking about the presidency here, and I believe that being savvy about information technology would be instrumental in being able to make sure our nation is prepared to deal with the challenges future!

This was also a disappointment to me because I had once mused what would happen if we had a Civ 4 battle between the candidates to determine who would get to run the county, but I guess Obama would be the winner since McCain wouldn’t even be able to use the machine to play!


P.S. No, this is not me endorsing any particular candidate! I doubt I will even vote, I think we all already know where all of my state’s electoral votes are going.

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