The Gay 2000s

It struck me recently that I think our country could be heading into a new era of moral conservatism, and if McCain wins the next election, it’ll pretty much seal it. In this future I think the era from the beginning of Clinton’s presidency until now would be remembered as a free and easy time, kind of like the 1960’s. There was earth loving and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and Vicodin and medical marijuana and gay people gained rights!

It seems like these things come in cycles. Did the Roarin’ 20’s bring on prohibition? Did the 60’s bring on the “war” on drugs and the Moral Majority?

I’ve been convinced for a while that somehow in the end, McCain was gonna pull it out, and for the first time it actually seems like it could happen. I’m actually pretty scared. I’m afraid of how many more rights we might give up in the name of national security.

But for some reason I just have very little faith in the Democratic party to be able to win an election. I mean, George W. Bush got re-elected. If that doesn’t prove they are inept, I don’t know what could. And now the Republicans have a vice presidential nominee who I personally think is the worst VP nominee in history, and somehow she’s actually helping McCain. It’s amazing.

Republicans seem to be pretty good at winning elections while ruining the economy and destroying the constitution. Democratic party, you have failed. Since I am pretty convinced that all 55 of California’s electoral votes will go to Barack Obama, maybe I’ll vote for a third party or independent candidate, just to record my vote of dissatisfaction with the two main parties, rather than simply not voting for president which is what I am usually inclined to do.

Who on McCain’s campaign thought it would be a good idea for him to go on The View in the first place? And man these guys can just straight up lie on TV and their poll numbers keep improving. So once again I gotta say… Democratic party, you have failed!

So if you’ve been having a great time the last decade and a half or so, enjoy it while it lasts, the backlash could be coming in the form of an ultra-right-wing evangelical Christian made for TV version of sharia law brought on while Sarah Palin goes and “reforms all of Washington” for John McCain!


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