Links of the Day/Week/Whatever

Here are some more links for y’all:

ESPN – Cindy McCain takes the wheel in her own race:
Cindy McCain is an honest to goodness drifter! Check out this video from – I had originally wanted to post this back in September in the middle of the presidential campaign when it was a bit more relevant, but I got a little sidetracked by my stay in Tajikistan.

ScienCentral Women’s Hands Have More Bacteria Than Men’s:
This ScienCentral video on YouTube confirmed what I long suspected: That girls are dirtier than guys!

Scientific American – Procrastinating Again? How to Kick the Habit:
A pretty in-depth analysis of procrastination. I’ve been meaning to get around to reading this… – Divorce Calculator:
Divorce rates have actually been coming down. Calculate your risk of getting divorced using a program backed up by actual data.


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