Good luck, Team PorcuBimmer!



I would like to wish my many good friends who are on Team PorcuBimmer the best of luck this weekend at the 24 Hours of LeMons!

The 24 Hours of LeMons is a great idea — an endurance race on a budget. Each of the cars must be worth no more than $500! (This amount doesn’t include the cost of all the safety equipment such as roll cage, etc.)

This is the second 24 Hours of LeMons my friends on Team PorcuBimmer are competing in. The last time around the clutch or something blew up, but while they were running they were one of the fastest cars out there. Hopefully this year the car will be able to go the distance!

Check out this in-car clip they got their first time out in May 2008:

And what’s the deal with the porcupine theme? Well they say that this is the only BMW with the pricks on the outside.


UPDATE: Team Porcubimmer ended up finishing 32nd out of 114 teams, completing 290 laps. Not too shabby!

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