Superbowl XLIII Advertisements

Wow, I’ve been pretty poor about maintaining this site. I often get ideas for things to write about but then I’ve failed miserably at writing about them in a timely manner, until eventually the events I want to write about are so old that nobody cares anymore. Well not today!

The end of the Super Bowl is being played as I type this but I was unable to watch most of the game as I was busy. Also I’ve been having a hard time following NFL football (and sports in general) as I’ve been without SportsCenter for the last three years.

However, one thing I can’t miss is the ads. In many ways, high-end television commercials represent the pinacle of the art and craft of cinematography. The biggest budgets (per minute of final product), the newest toys, and the highest emphasis on visuals out of any other kind of motion picture format. So for me, watching those commercials is like research on the latest trends of filmmaking.

Of course a lot of people just watch them for fun as well, so if you’re interested, they’ve got a bunch of Super Bowl XLIII ads up on

UPDATE: They are also available on this YouTube playlist.


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